WaterNow is forming an alliance of municipal water leaders interested in growing sustainable water solutions in their communities. The network is focusing on innovative strategies to finance reuse, efficiency, source water protection, watershed health, and groundwater management. Our goal is to help communities become as water resilient as possible, as cost-effectively as possible, while protecting the environment and natural resources for generations to come. Are you interested in being a part of this growing network of elected officials? Sign up here and we will keep you informed about Alliance happenings.

waternow is a non-profit tackling the growing water crisis by jump-starting sustainable water solutions in communities …
solutions that can repeat and scale.

Our mission is to promote the transition to a resilient and secure water future that preserves the health of the natural world.

waternow believes that the greatest source of new urban water supply comes from:

  • Effectively preserving water at its source and
  • Efficiently using and reusing water in homes and businesses

waternow brings together business, community leaders, and experts to advance innovation and catalyze action.


waternow news

Like solar energy, use public financing to spur water efficiency

6/13/2015: San Francisco, CA - Decentralized water efficiency solutions have enormous potential to provide greater water security and protect environmental health. To accelerate this shift, the state should support the type of public financing mechanisms that built our centralized water storage and distribution networks in order to pay for the next generation of water conservation systems. Utilities won’t be able to do it on their own.


As drought persists, conservation nonprofit tests system in Mill Valley

January 26, 2015, A Mill Valley home has been fitted with a series of pipes and valves to send shower, sink and clotheswasher graywater to landscaping in an effort to conserve limited supplies of fresh water from Mount Tamalpais and the Russian River used by Marin residents.


LA Mayor Calls For Cuts To Water Usage

10/14/2014: Los Angeles, CA - Mayor Eric Garcetti issued an executive order on water conservation Tuesday to address the drought and reduce the city’s use of expensive imported water.


Water conservation's other benefit:
It's a power saver

3/3/2014: Los Angeles, CA - "California's drought has everyone talking about ways to save water. Gov. Jerry Brown has implored residents to reduce their consumption by 20%.


Burlingame asks: How green is gray water?

9/1/2014: Burlingame, CA - The merciless drought parching California is forcing people to confront scary questions about the state's water supply -- and search for answers.


Saving Water in California

7/9/2014: New York, NY - "California is in the third year of its worst drought in decades. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at how much water the state’s residents and businesses are using.


How Much Water Does California Have Left?

7/8/2014: Los Angeles, CA - "Southern California water managers are doing such a great job that you would hardly know we are in the midst of the worst drought since record-keeping began in the late 1800s.


Gray Water's Time in the Sun

2/21/2014: San Francisco, CA - "Can Anybody Save California?" That was the headline of a Politico story earlier this month about our state's water crisis. Predictions of apocalypse are not uncommon when it comes to water in the West, and yet buried in the same story was a major part of the answer; notwithstanding an additional 4 million residents, demand for water in Southern California has not risen since 1990 - due largely to conservation measures. Gray water use, in particular, may be approaching its moment in the sun.


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A New Water Supply for Urban California

1/29/2014: Sacramento, CA - The water numbers are sobering at best. 2013 has been the driest year since California started keeping records during the Gold Rush. The Sierra snowpack is at 17 percent of normal, and there is little rain in sight. The governor has declared a drought emergency and is calling for a 20 percent reduction in water consumption.


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County Joins Forces with WaterNow
to Launch Graywater Program

1/27/2014: San Rafael, CA - Under a proposed collaboration, the County of Marin would ramp up promotion of graywater systems and other practices in a sustainability effort conveniently timed to address worsening drought conditions.